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Structural Advantages of Rubber Lined Flange Butterfly Valve

Structural advantages of Rubber Lined Flange Butterfly Valve
The rubber lining of the rubber-lined butterfly valve is used to vulcanize the rubber and the valve body at high temperatures, and has high corrosion resistance. It is generally used to inhibit corrosive fluids caused by strong acids and alkalis.
Material and structural advantages of Rubber Lined Flange Butterfly Valve:
1. The triple shaft end seal can effectively prevent external leakage.
2. The rubber valve seat is vulcanized directly on the support ring, which is suitable for high flow and vacuum applications and has a longer service life.
3. A variety of materials can be used for valve seat and valve plate. The valve can be applied to a variety of different media.
4. The replaceable valve seat support ring prevents expansion and deformation of the rubber valve seat and facilitates the replacement of the valve seat.
5. The smooth valve plate fits closely with the valve seat, effectively preventing internal leakage and reducing valve torque.
6. The shaft sleeve adopts self-lubricating bearing design, which effectively reduces friction, requires less maintenance and has a long life.
Rubber-lined butterfly valve mainly adopts soft sealing structure. The sealing material is EPDM rubber. Due to the half-shaft design, only two parts of the valve are in contact with the fluid: the valve plate and the valve seat. Effectively prevent corrosion, extend valve life and maximize flow.
Rubber Lined Flange Butterfly Valve