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Precautions for Installing Flanged Butterfly Valves

Precautions for installing flanged butterfly valves
Installation and maintenance of flange butterfly valve
1. The butterfly plate of the butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipeline.
2. When the butterfly board is installed, the butterfly board should be stopped in the closed position.
3. The opening position should be determined according to the rotation angle of the butterfly plate.
4. For butterfly valves with bypass valves, the bypass valve should be opened before opening.
5. The installation should be carried out according to the installation instructions of the butterfly valve manufacturer. The heavy butterfly valve should be installed with a firm foundation
1. Direction and location
Butterfly valves generally have no direction requirements. If required, it should be correctly identified according to the working principle of the butterfly valve. For horizontal pipelines, the direction of the valve stem can be determined in the following order: vertical upward, horizontal, upward tilt 45°; vertical downward is not allowed. The location of valve installation must be convenient
For operation; it is best to keep the valve handwheel flush with the chest (usually 1.2 meters away from the operating floor), so that it is easier to open and close the valve. The handwheel of the floor valve should be upward, not tilted. The valve of the wall machine and the equipment should also leave room for the operator to stand. It is necessary to avoid operating from the sky, especially acid and alkali, toxic media, etc., otherwise it is very unsafe.
2. Construction work
1. Be careful during installation and construction, and avoid hitting the butterfly valve.
2. Before installation, the valve should be inspected to check the specifications and models to identify whether there is damage, especially for the valve stem, and turn it a few times to see if it is skewed. Also clean up the debris in the valve
3. When the valve is lifted, the rope should not be tied to the hand wheel or the valve stem, so as not to damage these parts, it should be tied to the flange.
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