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The basic structure and characteristic of the foot valve(1)

The foot valve is provided with a plurality of water inlets on the valve cover and is equipped with a screen to reduce the inflow of sundries and reduce the blocking probability of the bottom valve. Although the bottom valve is equipped with anti blocking screen, the bottom valve is generally suitable for cleaning media. The bottom valve should not be used for media with too large viscosity and particles.

The foot valve is an energy-saving valve, which is generally installed at the bottom of the underwater suction pipe of the water pump to limit the return of the liquid in the water pump pipe to the water source, and plays the function of only entering and not leaving. There are many water inlets and stiffeners on the valve cover, which is not easy to be blocked. It is mainly used in the pipeline of pumping. The function of water channel and support. The caliber is single lobe, double lobe and multi lobe, with flange connection and threaded connection. Other names: internal thread lifting bottom valve --- bottom hole valve, suction valve, water filter valve, shower head; Lifting bottom valve -- flange bottom valve; Swing bottom valve - flange swing foot valve.