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The basic structure and characteristic of the foot valve(2)

The foot valve is welded at the bottom of the container, so as to achieve the best effect of emptying, cleaning and disinfection. In addition, the working medium can be well mixed according to the process requirements in the operation process. The tank bottom valve shall be as close to the tank bottom wall as possible, so as to achieve the effect of no dead corner.

1. The structure of the foot valve is ideal in terms of flow and process requirements. In addition, there will be no turbulence during emptying.

2. The foot valve can provide interfaces of all current international standards, such as welding type, clamp type or threaded type.

3. All foot valve body materials are US304 Of course, SUS316L can also use other alloy steels according to customer requirements.

4. The valve body surface can be mechanically polished or electropolished according to customer requirements, and the accuracy can reach 0.25um.

5. The foot valve can be equipped with manual or pneumatic. Each water pump should be equipped with a bottom valve. The bottom valve is usually installed below the water surface, while the water bottom valve is installed above the water surface. It is an updated product of the old bottom valve. It is an ideal water diversion equipment, and can also replace the vacuum pump and vacuum pumping device.
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