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  • The Allway Valve® wafer type butterfly valve with electric actuator that is made by China factory With good fluid control, it is an important execution unit in the field of industrial automation control.It is compatible with the convenient butterfly valve, can be quickly switched on and off, easy to operate. Mainly suitable for a variety of industrial automation production pipeline flow.Pressure and temperature control.

  • The Allway Valve® wafer butterfly valve with Pneumatic actuator which is created by China factory is simple structure, small size, light weight, low cost and can be installed in the upper air tunnel, after two five solenoid valve control operation is convenient, can also adjust the flow medium. Widely used in a variety of working conditions.

  • The Allway Valve® Flange Ball valve made in China is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline. Flange ball valve is defined as: the opening and closing parts (ball) driven by the stem, and around the axis of the stem for rotary movement of the valve.

  • Flange globe valve is mainly used to pass or cut off the medium in the pipeline, generally not used to regulate the flow. The Allway Valve® Flange Cast iron globe valves made by China are suitable for a wide range of pressure and temperature, but are generally used in medium and small caliber pipelines. Compared with gate valve, globe valve structure is simple, manufacturing and maintenance are more convenient, sealing surface is not easy to wear, scratch, better sealing, longer life, when opening and closing the disc stroke is smaller, the opening and closing time is shorter, the valve height is smaller. Tianjin Allway Valve Co.,Ltd. is Flange Cast iron globe valves manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale Flange Cast iron globe valves.

  • The high quality The Allway Valve® FLANGE Y-TYPE STRAINER made in China manufactures are used predominantly in liquid applications for protecting downstream equipment from particles, such as dirt, which might otherwise affect performance if left untreated. Most Y-type industrial strainers can also work effectively in steam applications, as well as those that deal with inert gases or air.

  • The following is the introduction of high quality The Allway Valve® Carbon Steel Dismantling Joint made in China, hoping to help you better understand Carbon Steel Dismantling Joint. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future!
    The advantages of carbon steel dismanting joint: 1.Installation is simple and convenient, convenient valve installation. 2.Rubber is strong in compression and elasticity. 3.Metal and sealing rings are highly stringent. 4.In the pipeline, it can effectively compensate and ease the pipe and blind plate thrust.

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