Flange Cast iron globe valves
  • Flange Cast iron globe valvesFlange Cast iron globe valves
  • Flange Cast iron globe valvesFlange Cast iron globe valves

Flange Cast iron globe valves

Flange globe valve is mainly used to pass or cut off the medium in the pipeline, generally not used to regulate the flow. The Allway Valve® Flange Cast iron globe valves made by China are suitable for a wide range of pressure and temperature, but are generally used in medium and small caliber pipelines. Compared with gate valve, globe valve structure is simple, manufacturing and maintenance are more convenient, sealing surface is not easy to wear, scratch, better sealing, longer life, when opening and closing the disc stroke is smaller, the opening and closing time is shorter, the valve height is smaller. Tianjin Allway Valve Co.,Ltd. is Flange Cast iron globe valves manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale Flange Cast iron globe valves.

Model:Flange Cast iron globe valves DN15-DN300

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Product Description

Flange Cast iron globe valves

1.Product Introduction

Flange cast iron globe valve advantages:  

1. Simple structure, convenient manufacturing and maintenance;  

2. Small working stroke, short opening and closing time;  

3. Good sealing, small friction force between sealing surfaces, long service life;  

Flanged cast iron globe valve notes:  

1. Handwheel and handle operated stop valve can be installed in any position of the pipeline;  

2. Handwheel, handle and transmission mechanism are not allowed to be used for lifting;3. The flow direction of the medium should be consistent with the direction of the arrow shown on the valve body.  

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Working pressure



Shell pressure



Seat pressure



3.Product Feature And Application

The Allway Valve® Flange Cast iron globe valves is Simple structure, compact, small operating torque; Rotation opens quickly and it is widely used in Food, medicine, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, light textile, paper and other water supply and drainage, gas pipeline for regulating the flow and control media circulation

4.Product Details

The body material of Flange Cast iron globe valves normally be iron ,the disc also be iron ,the seat should be metal.

5.Product Qualification

The Allway Valve® Flange Cast iron globe valves have original design,.exquisite technique,perfect manufacture and complete testing ways, it has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification.

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving

We have big stock of Flange Cast iron globe valves so the delivery time will be short. It can be ship through sea transporation .train transporation ,air transportation or others. The guarantee period should be 12-18 months.

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