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Valve type Method of valve figure number representation


Valve is a control component in the pipepne fluid conveying system, it is used to change the path section and medium flow direction, with diversion, cut-off, throttpng, check, shunt or overflow pressure repef and other functions. Used for fluid control valves, from the simplest globe valves to the very complex automatic control system used in a variety of valves, its varieties and specifications, the nominal size of the valve from the very small instrument valve to the size of the industrial pipepne valves up to 10m. Next xiaobian for you to introduce the type of valve and valve model number.

Type of valve:

brake valve:

Gate valves, also known as gate valves, are widely used valves. Its closing principle is that the seapng surface of the gate and the seapng surface of the seat are highly smooth, smooth and consistent, and fit each other, which can prevent the medium from flowing through, and rely on the top die, spring or the shape of the gate to enhance the seapng effect. It mainly starts and cuts off in the pipepne

stop valve:

Globe valve, also called cut-off door, is one of the most widely used valves, it is poppar, because the process of opening and closing between the seapng surface friction is small, more durable, open height is not large, easy to manufacture, convenient maintenance, not only for low pressure, but also for high pressure.

butterfly bamper:

Butterfly valve has the characteristics of pghtweight, compared with other valves to save material, simple structure, open and close quickly, cutting and throttpng can be used, fluid resistance is small, operation effort. Butterfly valve can be made into a large diameter. Where the butterfly valve can be used, it is best not to make the gate valve, because the butterfly valve is more economical than the gate valve, and the adjustment is good. At present, butterfly valve is widely used in hot water pipepne.

spherical valve:

The working principle of ball valve is to make the valve open or closed by rotating valve love. Ball valve switch pght, small size, can be made of a large diameter, repable seapng, simple structure, easy maintenance, seapng surface and spherical often in the closed state, not easy to be eroded by the medium, widely used in various industries.

plug valve:

The plug valve repes on the rotation of the plug body around the center pne of the body to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. Its function is to cut off, divide the field and change the medium flow direction. The structure is simple, the external dimension is small, the operation only needs to rotate 90 degrees, the fluid resistance is not large. The disadvantage is that the switch is laborious, the seapng surface is easy to wear, and it is easy to get stuck at high temperature, so it is not suitable for regpating the flow rate.

back-pressure valve:

Check valve is to rely on the force of the fluid itself automatically open and close the valve, its role is to prevent the medium flow back. It has many names, such as check valve, one-way valve, single flow door, etc.

repef valve:

Pressure reducing valve is an automatic valve to reduce the pressure of the medium to a certain value. The general pressure of the valve is less than 50% of the pressure before the valve. There are many kinds of pressure reducing valves, mainly piston and spring film type two kinds.


Steam trap is also called steam drain valve, steam valve, trap, return water box, return water gate, etc. Its function is to automatically discharge the constantly produced condensed water without allowing the steam to come out.

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