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What is the difference between a wafer and a lugged butterfly valve?


The main difference between a wafer butterfly valve and a lugged butterfly valve lies in how they are installed and secured in a piping system. Both types of butterfly valves share the basic design principle of a disc that rotates to control the flow of fluid, but their methods of attachment and application differ. Here's a brief comparison:

Wafer Butterfly Valve:

Installation: Wafer butterfly valves are designed to fit between two flanges in a pipeline without the need for additional bolt holes. They are installed by sandwiching the valve between two flanges and bolting them together directly through the valve body.

Connection: The valve is held in place by the pressure of the flanges pressing against the valve's outer edges. This design is suitable for applications where the pipeline is under constant pressure.

Space-Saving: Wafer valves are typically more compact and lighter than lugged valves, making them a space-saving option in some applications.

Limitation: They may not be suitable for applications where the system pressure is too high, as the pressure exerted on the valve's edges may not be sufficient to prevent leakage.

Lugged Butterfly Valve:

Installation: Lugged butterfly valves have lugs (projections) on the valve body. These lugs have holes for bolts, and the valve is installed by bolting it between two flanges. Unlike wafer valves, lugged valves have specific bolt holes provided by the lugs.

Connection: Lugged valves are secured in place by bolting through the lugs. This design allows for easier installation and removal compared to wafer valves.

Versatility: Lugged valves are often used in applications where the pipeline may not be under constant pressure. The lugged design provides additional security, making them suitable for systems with varying pressure conditions.

Maintenance: The lugged design allows for easier maintenance and replacement of the valve without disturbing the entire piping system.

In summary, the main distinction between wafer and lugged butterfly valves is the method of installation and attachment to the pipeline. The choice between the two depends on factors such as the specific application, pressure conditions, ease of installation, and maintenance requirements. Each type has its advantages, and the selection should be based on the specific needs of the system in which it is being installed.

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