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Structural Characteristics of Knife Gate Valve

Structural characteristics of knife gate valve
The knife gate valve can complete the action control and signal output of the opening and closing positions through the use of solenoid valves, proximity switches and other accessories, and can also complete the automatic control of continuous actions. It is widely used in chemical industry, coal, sugar, sewage, papermaking and other fields. It is an ideal sealed valve. It is especially suitable for adjusting and throttling the pipe in the paper industry. The knife gate valve is mainly composed of left and right valve bodies, U-shaped sealing rings, gate plates, steel nuts, valve stems, brackets, cylinders, etc. The opening and closing of the valve is completed by the action of the cylinder.
1. It adopts a wafer-type structure, which is small in size and light in weight.
2. The completely open channel can prevent the medium from depositing in the valve.
3. The newly developed U-shaped sealing ring can ensure the good sealing performance of the valve.
4. The outer seal of the gate is realized by the elastic sealing strip embedded in the valve body, and can be adjusted by means of screws and pressing plates.
5. Small flow resistance.
6. Convenient installation and maintenance.
knife gate valve
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